It all started when…

I was approached to share the story of a football field that was built for young girls in the Zaatari Refugee camp to nurture their love for football. As I began to research the initiative and learn more about the women in Zaatari, I was taken aback at how incredibly strong and tough the women are in mind, spirit, and body. In interviews all women said the same thing, "football reminded us of our strength and ability".

With that at the core, this short was born. With the help of Leo Messi, Lay's, UEFA Champions League, and AFDP we created an ad that we hoped would share more than just football, but take you on a journey on how the bustling camp of Zaatari buzzes every day while showing you how awesome these footballing girls are.

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Collaborating with Living Legends

Worked with 5 time Ballon D’or winner Leo Messi, in supporting and encouraging young girls in the Za’atari Refugee Camp to continue playing football.

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In the News

Clio Sports Silver Award
German Design Awards 2020 Nominee


Starring: Lionel Messi

Agency: TMI Yassin Abdelrahman Marwan El Hadidy Hussien Moussa

Director & Creative Director: Tamer Shaaban
Producers: Amr Medhat , Zeiad Hany
Assistant producer: Jihad Osama Aboshady
Assistant Director: Amr Mousa
DOP: Fawzi Darwish
1st AC/Focus: Mohamed Emad
2nd AD: Asmahan Bkerat
Art Director: Khaled Ahmad Farrah
Assistant Art director: Qais Masadeh
Stylist: Riham Bassam Ejjeh
Assistant stylist: Daved K Muheisen
Production manager: Mosab Ghazal
Music Composer: Omar El-Deeb
Sound Design: Fady Garas

Post production: AROMA
Post producer: Dana Hatem
Editor: Ahmed Youssri
Assistant Editor: Mahmoud El Shanawany
Colorist: Ahmed Essam
VFX Supervisor : Mahmoud El Torkoman
Senior Compositor : Akram El Tawila

Special Thanks: Fawzi Qatlis, Deana Shaaban, Hussein Abdeldayem, Mark Jreissaty, Gaby Feijoo, Nour Jurdi, Oscar Martinez, Randy Hefelfinger, Brian Adorno, Ketan Patel, Naushad Amlani, Glenn Musa, Reid Simon Hijab Shah